New Resources at Kriti Docushop: January 2009

Dear Friends,

A new year has begun leaving behind all that it brought with it…good and not so good. As we share our first information and communication resources mailer for 2009, we wish you a year of good health, happiness, love, caring and sharing with your loved ones and all those you meet through the year. We also wish you peace, rights and justice in all the struggles, personal and public that you or those you support may face.

We hope to see and connect with you through the next 12 months, with our mailers and invites. January saw us marking the following days and more….

Safdar Hashmi Memorial Day

Memory Day for 1857 Martyrs

National Youth Day

Indian Republic Day

Visit and access the Kriti team’s Docushop that has over 600 titles of books, magazines, documentary films and resistance music, a selection shared here for you to order from us. We are particularly pleased to now be able to offer you films produced and supported by PSBT along with the several independent film makers and organizations whose documentaries we stock. Write in with your request and we will send you the information to take the same forward.

In solidarity,

Kriti team

Diaries, Calenders and Planners for 2009

Our Diary 2009

By Kriti team

In this tenth edition of the diary, we have documented people's movements for a free Tibet, Bhutan and Burma apart from carrying news and updates from the Bhopal Gas tragedy survivors; the Narmada valley; the 'disappeared' in Kashmir; Niyamgiri and Jagatsinghpur struggles against mining; Singur and Nandigram protests against takeover by companies; anti-coke struggles and land rights voices from Chengara; campaign for the release of Dr Binayak Sen and more...We have also included a selection of books and films on movements, a Movement Map of India, contacts of movement groups & resource centres, as well as movement readings. Comes with a detachable wall planner, a bookmark and of course, spaces for appointments and notes for 365 days of the year. All this in a compact 4.5" x 6.5" size, with images that mark and celebrate movements for justice.

Narmada Bachao Aandolan Calendar

This wall calendar summarises and documents the struggles of people affected by the construction of dams in the Narmada River Valley…with images and dates to mark the year ahead!

Insaan Hain Hum - Calendar

By Loknaad- People’s Expression Forum

Contribution: Rs 30.00

This wall calendar is a compilation of Peace Expressions, poetry and slogans. Simple and beautiful brought out by Vinay and Charul

Social Movements Calender

By Intercultural Resources

This is a new resource that presents images and information marking several important social movement days. Would be a great wall companion with the Kriti team’s ‘Our Diary 2009’

Notebook 2009

By Jagori

A notebook in A5 size with pages for writings and images and text in Hindi that focuses on women and work.


Children and Right to Adequate Housing

By HAQ: Centre for Child Rights

In today’s world of poverty and human rights violation, where people are forced to live in inhuman conditions, children suffer the most. And those working towards the betterment of these children’s lives, are increasingly becoming aware of their rights. It is in this context that it has become all the more critical to emphasize the universal relevance of the right to adequate housing and the significance of the human rights paradigm that offers a framework for the radical and systematic changes necessary to create a more humane world that is sensitive to the needs and rights of small children.

Do People’s Voices Matter

By South Asia Regional Programme

This report presents the findings of a fact finding mission conducted by Shivani Choudhary and Malavika Vartak, on behalf of the Housing and land rights network- South Asia Regional Programme to the tsunami affected areas of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. The aim of the mission was to undertake a human rights assessment of permanent housing with a special focus on the element of people’s participation in rehabilitation process.

Interlinkages between Violence against Women and Women’s Right to Adequate Housing

By Alison Aggarwal

Documentation of Proceedings of the Asia Regional Consultation on “The interlinkages between violence against women and women’s right to adequate housing”

Local Environmental Governance in India

By Lead India

Contribution: Rs 200.00

This publication is a compilation of case studies presented at the National Consultation on “Local Environmental Governance in India; setting the Agenda” held in New Delhi, India on 15th and 16th March 2007.

State Terrorism and the United States

By Frederick H. Gareau

This book is a critique of U.S policy of “war on terror” while supporting the state terrorists who serve the U.S economic and political interests. It criticizes the lack of transparency in U.S Govt.’s decisions and actions.

Documentary Films

Apna Aloo Bazaar Becha

By Pankaj H Gupta (30 mins/ English subtitles/ 2008)

What happens when remote, isolated mountain communities come face to face with globalization? Jardhar gaon, a village in the Hemval valley of Garhwal, led an isolated, egalitarian existence until a series of events forced it, into joining the market economy. This short documentary, based entirely on local perspectives, reflects on the process of change – what triggers the shift to modernisation and what impact it has on the personal, social and environmental spaces.

Delhi Diary 2001

By Ranjani Mazumdar (55 mins/ English subtitles)

The film attempts to understand the impact of the imposition of Emergency (1975-77) and the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 on the lives of people in the city of Delhi, scarring them with the memory of terror.

Flying Inside My Body

By Ajeeta/ Sushmit/ Rintu/ Sumit (36 mins/ English/ 2008)

This film explores how the form of the body can become a powerful physical language to

express dissent over societal norms and conventions. The film is a journey with veteran

Photographer Sunil Gupta, who has used his art to challenge the stereotypes that define,

one's body, sexuality and identity.

Morality TV and Loving Jehad

By Paromita Vohra (30 mins/ English)

The film looks outside the frames that weave the frenetic tapestry of Breaking News on India’s news channels. To uncover a town’s complex dynamics – the fear of love, the constant scrutiny and control of women’s mobility and sexuality, a history of communal violence, caste brutalization and feudal mindsets.

Sharira – Chandralekha’s Explorations in Dance

By Ein Lall (30 mins/ English/ 2006)

The film draws on three major works, Shree, Raga and Sharira produced by choreographer Chandralekha over the last decade, 1992 – 2002. It depicts Chandralekha’s unwavering faith in her mission to set free the body allowing movement to flow freely and seamlessly.

1876- An Entertainment

By Anasuya Vaidya (30 mins/ English)

Enacted by the British colonial government to control any subversive, nationalistic or

artistic expression, the Dramatic Performances Act of 1876 has been retained in the law

books in India, even while it has been repealed in other non-democracies. The film will

follow a group of artists as they try to defeat, overcome or sidestep the Act.

Abhimanyu’s Face

By Ranjan Palit (30 mins/ English subtitles)

A film that takes a look at Guru Gambhir Singh's Chhau dance troupe, a masked dance form

of eastern India and captures the performance of one of their favourite themes - the slaying

of Abhimanyu, a story from the Mahabharata.


By Sanjay Maharishi (30 mins, English subtitles)

A look at how SPIC MACAY, a 25 year old voluntary effort to revive Indian art and culture,

engages with young people.

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karan kapoor said…
many many and big big congratulations for kriti's diary 2009, its an amaziing compilation...just loved every bit of it...and im so gald to be a part of it...i completely would rate this as the best diary among all the other kriti had in the past... sorry couldnt deliver this comment earlier as was a bit busy with work...congratulations again.... and i hope kriti tree goes bigger and better everyday and spreads its branches across every heart and ill make sure in my efforts it does :)