KRITI FILM CLUB @IIC, 3rd November, 6.45 pm

and India International Centre
invite you for the screening of

The Conflict:  Whose Loss? Whose Gain?
(80 mins/ Oriya with English subtitles)

Script and Direction: Debaranjan Sarangi
Produced by: Pedestrian Pictures, Bangalore

3rd November, 6.45 pm

at the
IIC Annexe Auditorium, Lodi Road
New Delhi

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film maker.

ABOUT THE FILM: Adivasi communities in India are increasingly becomes victims of an intensifying corporate globalization, and also the focus of a brutal right-wing communalism. Not coincidentally, these are happening at the same time. As a consequence, adivasi communities are feeling increasingly alienated from their lives and cultures in their own lands.

This film is about how tribal communities of southern Orissa, mainly Kandha, are facing upto this dual onslaught. It explores the brutal violence in Kandhamal unleashed by right-wing forces following the killing of Swami Laxmananda in August 2008. It also examines the loss of lands and livelihoods faced by Kandhas and the fierce resistance over 15 years to the mining of bauxite by large private mining companies in Kashipur. 

This film is the director's journey with three tribal leaders to Kandhamal and Kashipur, soon after the violence in Kandhamal broke out in August-September 2009.  The film asks an important question “Are adivasis being turned into sacrificial goats by corporate globalisation and communalism?”

About the Director: Debaranjan Sarangi is an Orissa-based anti-mining activist, writer and film-maker. He spent eight years with the anti-mining movement of adivasis in Kashipur, Orissa, and is also involved in anti-communal struggles. He writes on anti-mining resistance, development trajectories, communalism, and related issues. The Conflict is his first documentary film.

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