EcoFestival 2011: celebrating World Environment Day

Third Annual EcoFestival 2011
by Kriti team

4-5 June 2011
11 to 9 pm

The Kriti team invites you, your family, friends and colleagues for the World Environment Day weekend celebrations at its 3rd annual EcoFestival 2011 on 4-5th June 2011 at the Alliance Francaise, 72 Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110003.

5th June is World Environment Day, with India playing host to the day with the theme ‘Forest Nature Works for You’.

The festival is aimed at creating greater awareness, interest and actions around environment and the ecosystem, so that together we can challenge the impact of global warming and climate change; and make efforts at protecting nature and ourselves to preserve our present and the future.

The festival includes different educational, entertainment and sustainable consumption related activities that can enable us to live and work in an eco-friendly manner….ecoTHEMATIC workshops, EcoARTnPAPER workshops, EcoDANCE and ecoMUSIC workshops; ecoREELS (film shows), ecoINSTALLATIONS, ecoTALKtheWALK, ecoEXHIBITION-COMPETITION, and ecoPERFORMANCES with a combination of music, puppetry, dance and theatre. The festival will offer an opportunity to eat and drink organic at the ecoCAFE and shop at the ecoHAAT for handmade, recycled products that save the environment and support rural livelihoods.

The eco festival invites the participation of children, college students, teachers, performing artists, environmentalists, activists, community based NGOs, photographers, film makers, media and the public.  

The Kriti team facilitates learning and action around development, environment and human rights issues, through capacity building; communication and performing arts; and livelihood support interventions. Registered as a Public Charitable Trust, it has been working as a self-sustaining team with a wide constituency across India, South Asia and the world, for the past 12 years.
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