KRITI FILM CLUB SCREENINGS: 4th and 18th February 2012

documentary screenings...ecocafe...spring shopping...interactions...Its all on at the Kriti team workplace in February 2012

The Kriti Film Club is back in screening mode at our workplace in Alaknanda! This year we plan to take our viewers through a journey that will be special in our journey of documentary outreach...with theme based screenings each month!

This month of February 2012, we ‘encounter’, ‘identify’ and ‘celebrate’ the CITY as a space that breathes, lives and thinks in a certain way across the country…it creates culture and people, it gives us food for thought and action…and leaves us for wanting more and more. This month we screen a small selection of documentaries that take us through the CITY as a space we live and work in, exploring at all times…

We welcome our collaborating partner PSBT in this journey, along with the film makers whose work we share. All films will be followed by a discussion, wherever possible with the film makers/ producers.

Saturday, 4th February 2012


Surjo Deb and Ranjan Palit/ 52 mins./ 2011

A film about a day in the life of Calcutta or Kolkata. A portrait of the city and its people through the myriad conversations or "adda"s that happen all over the city, day and night.

4.00 pm: CINEMA CITY I – IV

PSBT – MAJLIS/ 28 mins./ 2009-2010

A series of short films on Bombay (Mumbai) and Cinema.

CERTIFIED UNIVERSAL by Avijit Mukul Kishore

An impressionistic sketch of 'the public' as created by our cinema and its relationship with cinema itself.

DO RAFIQUE by Rafeeq Ellias

Rafeeq meets Rafique Bagdadi, an extraordinary living archive of the city and its cinema, and explores the cinema city through him.

HAVE YOU DREAMT CINEMA? by Hansa Thapliyal

A cinema theatre in a suburb of a city is pulled down. Three women who live in that suburb reflect on their various relationships with that fantasy of a film in a darkened theatre. Was it ever theirs’?


A journey of migrants to the dream city through the track of filmi aspirations.


Joydeep Ghosh/ 30 mins./ 2002
A chronicle of the evolution of urban music in three Indian cities - Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai, the Film examines the transformation in language and orchestration of music with the changing times and the socio-political concerns they reflect.

Saturday, 18th February 2012

a day with delhi…old delhi...


Anwar Jamal/ 52 mins./ 2011

The walled city of Old Delhi is a cultural universe unto itself – a sprawling, chaotic, but infectiously spirited neighbourhood where life assumes many fascinating forms in a constant struggle for survival. The Film captures a vibrant city caught between the past and the present, decay and renewal, hope and despair. A freewheeling journey through the varied aspects of Old Delhi - its heartbeats, religious moorings, food, musical legacy, poetry and social identity. The Film is a tribute to the life-affirming soul of a resilient city with a glorious history, a none-too-stable present and, hopefully, a worthy future.


Ambarien Alqadar/ 35 mins./ 2011

In what is also known as India’s ‘Little Pakistan’ in New Delhi, a girl is on a search for a lost home movie. The search takes her into the mapless lanes of the place she calls home. Lanes conceal a history and a past. A love and loss tale about being Muslim in India today.

5.30 pm: DILLI

Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh/ 22 mins/ 2011

In this city, a dream is born everyday.

Simple dreams. Patient dreams.

The film raises critical questions about urbanization and development through the personal stories of its people and explores the social and spatial landscape of a city that dreams of becoming a super megapolis. As Delhi straddles through its different worlds, the film finds its storytellers in the men, women and children who are the invisible hands that continue to build this city of dreams.


The Kriti team’s EcoCafe will be open on the film club screening days, offering healthy and small eats, at a contribution. The cafe will also be open for lunch on 18th February 2012 with a delicious organic meal. Advance bookings for the cafĂ© will be appreciated so that we have enough food to eat and none to waste!

Also available are pickles, toast spreads, spices, herbs, honey, pulses, soaps, oils, incense sticks and more.

Spring Shopping: From handmade paper stationary to gift items, home decor to tshirts, jewellery to jute/ cloth wallets and bags, stoles, shawls and scarves, toys and music, documentaries and books, to art and art merchandise that would be your treasure to gift or have...the Gestures stall will be a shoppers delight all through this month!

Interactions: An opportunity to meet new and old friends, film makers and others for some gupshupp, eating and viewing sessions together.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the Kriti team workplace this February 2012.

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