For a Hopeful, Courageous and Happy New Year

Dear friends and supporters,

The year is ending with a cold wave that is being overpowered by a wave of protests, which we hope will usher a new dawn in the hearts and minds of people and institutions. 

Voicing opinions and protesting against injustice is the very root of democracy, and in this time of introspection we should not let our resolve to protect the rights of women and the girl child weaken. 

Instead, our battle against injustice should ignite into a social revolution.

May it give us the courage to recognise, protect and promote human rights. May it help us remember that we all have the ability to influence progress in our own way, every day.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been our partners and supporters in our efforts at making social change a reality.

In hope and peace.

All of us@the Kriti team
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