ON ASKING: Become a Sustain'abler' of Kriti Team

Dear Friends
Greetings! As a new year begins, we would like to take the opportunity to post a thank you and support us request on the world wide web, for all to see and respond to! 
First, a big THANK YOU to all our friends and well-wishers, for hand holding us through these past 15 years (in June 2014) of being and doing...many of you have been there for us during the moments, days, months and years gone by. 

We have crawled and you've been there to hold our fingers to stand; we have fallen and you've been there to help us rise; we have laughed and you've been the reason; we have been stubborn and you've guided us; we have had our good and bad dreams and you've been there to make them come true or shaken us off them;  we have starting reading and writing and you've given us work to excel; we have started putting coins in our gullak and you've added some more; we have cried and you've given us your shoulder; we have made friends and foes, and you've shown us the difference; we have had our share of misunderstandings, but managed to stay hopeful; we have created projects and you've given us full marks; we have had celebrations and you've beenpart of them; we have had lows and many of you've not left our side..but above all, we have had a vision and you have been there to help us turn it into reality. And this is not just prose or poetry, you know who you are, for each of these phases of our life till now! 

Second, we ask for your support in terms of donations so that we lay a better foundation for the future of our work and contribution to social change. We are asking you to enter our lives as friends and family in more ways than one, to revive your links with us in whatever ways possible for you, to give us advise and direction where you think we can contribute, to back us up where we need your support, and today, for the first time, we are asking you for a gift - some regular pocket money with which we can create the resources for work to translate into action better and better. 

We plan to use your gifts as our life-source to stabilise and upscale our various initiatives! The Kriti Film Club has grown in its screenings and coverage, both of films and audience. Requests for organising documentary film screenings and curating festivals across India have become part of our everyday correspondence, and we have inspired several individuals and organizations to run similar efforts in many parts of the country. The Kriti Information Place has continued to provide development related resources in hard copy, to those who access us. Both these activities have extended themselves into 'Docushop by Kriti team a space which sells documentaries, protest music, books, posters and other gray literature from across India's film makers and civil society groups. Our Diary has become self-dependent in its design and print costs through its sales annually (human resource costs for its production is still subsidised by our earned work). Rightscape (our networking, events and student volunteering programme) offers solidarity to people’s movements, organizes socially relevant events and provides students learning and doing experiences). The 'Save Paper, Save Trees, Save Yourself initiative has enlisted several interested organizations/ individuals who want to 'go green' and received inputs to create an eco-friendly workplace, but our response has been limited due to resource issues. The Gestures stall and Docushop are serving their role in reaching out organic, useful and thought-provoking products to a wide range of buyers, have even inspired many to start social enterprises on similar lines and is a source of livelihood to over a 100 grassroots groups, alternate publishers, independent film makers and social development human rights organisations! Our Ecocafe is much in demand and we would like it to cater to these demands.
Our aim has been to remain an independent and self-sustaining entity as we believe that is the soul of sustainabledevelopment. We have also always believed in the dictum 'practice what you preach' and this starts at our workplace! We've always been very careful in our expenditure, reusing and recycling several items needed in any workplace. We've gathered used or second hand infrastructure and used it till it’s useless, both as a ‘reuse’ principle and due to unaffordability to buy new items for our workplace. Many of these principles have created challenges and obstacles in our work and growth, and we are working to balance them out!
We've also tried to create a different way of worker-employer relations by offering people who join Kriti team to co-own it in decision making, resource sharing as well as resource mobilization  this is the main reason for ‘team’ in our identity! However this has not always happened either due to learning and doing gaps internally or because people could not take the risk in 'real' terms. We have learnt a lot through these years and continue to....
With these thoughts and emotions in our mind and hearts we invite you to:
Become a Sustainabler’ of Kriti team
Commit a minimum gift amount per month or as a one-time annual gift amount, to support any of the following programmes. Your gift will help us cover some of the actual running costs being incurred and we will offer you some privileges and benefits as a sustain'abler'. We ask you to commit anything starting from 1000.00 per month or a one-time annual gift amount each year, whatever suits your pocket. For in-kind gifts, please ask us and we shall send you our greedy (read 'needy' list!) Depending on your gift, we will share you with a back-present and ofcourse an 80G exemption certificate!
·     Kriti FILM CLUB – You would get a surprise Kriti team gift and can avail discounts on any purchases from the Docushop and Gestures stall.
·     Kriti INFORMATION PLACE (KIP) – You would get a surprise Kriti team gift and can avail discounts on membership of the KIP and purchases from the Docushop.
·     Save Paper, Save Trees, Save Yourself initiative - You would receive a recycled paper stationary gift and can avail discounts on purchases from the Gestures Stall/ Docushop.
·     Rightscape - You would receive one complimentary copy of 'Our Diary' annually and can avail discounts on purchases from the Docushop/ Gestures Stall.
·    Kriti team website – Your name would be added to our list of supporters on the website. You would get discounts on any purchases from the Docushop and Gestures stall.
·    Gestures stall, Docushop and Ecocafe – Your name would be added to our list of supporters on the website. You would get discounts on any purchases from the Docushop and Gestures stall.
·      Kriti team Corpus (to support our space and admn costs)You would get a surprise Kriti team gift and can avail discounts on any purchases from the Docushop and Gestures stall.

As you become our sustain'abler' we also ask you to tell potential work partners or donors about our work and link us to those who will respect and support our principles and vision! All sustain'ablers' are welcome to the Kriti team workplace to engage with our programmes and also for a Kriti team lunch with one day’s noticeJ

All cheques/ demand drafts should be made in the name of 'KRITI DRPCT', payable in New Delhi. In case you want to organise bank transfers, we can share our bank details with you. For international sustain'ablers', we will send you details for your gifting options.

Thanking you in advance, 
Warm regards,
Kriti team

You can access us at the following timings: 10.00 am-6.00 pm, Mondays-Saturdays (except second/ fourth Saturdays and gazetted holidays)
S-35 Tara Apartments, New Delhi 110 019, 
ph.: 011-26033088/ 26027845
e-mail:  space.kriti@gmail.com
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