At The Crossroads @India Habitat Centre

Kriti Film Club
 in collaboration with Indian Habitat Center is pleased to present to you ‘At the Crossroads’, a film that revives the struggle of the oppressed and talks about the plight of people in the situation of conflict.

Date- 30th May, 2013
Time- 7:00 pm
Venue- Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre

At the Crossroads
Deba Ranjan |90 mins| Regional Languages with English subs| 2013

About the Film:
The Nehruvian era made ordinary people - mostly adivasis and dalits - lose their lands, forests and streams in the name of ‘national development’. That development never reached them. Not only they remained as deprived of basic health care and education as ever, but also of even safe drinking water though surrounded by reservoirs and dams. While this state injustice continued unabated, the post-liberalization era made these very people `anti-national’, ‘anti-development’ and `Maoists/Naxalites’, when they resisted corporate land grab for mining and industrialization. This branding became and continues to be an easy license to kill them with impunity. Southern Odisha is witness to this war between the hapless people and the neoliberal development paradigm. It led to CPI (Maoist) consolidating its presence in this area in the recent past. The film tries to explore the predicament, the dilemma and the confusion of the local people, especially, of adivasis and dalits in this war zone.

Note: The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film maker

About the Film maker:

Debaranjan Sarangi is an Orissa-based anti-mining activist, writer and film-maker. He spent eight years with the anti-mining movement of adivasis in Kashipur, Orissa, and is also involved in anti-communal struggles. He writes on anti-mining resistance, development trajectories, communalism, and related issues. 

About Kriti Film Club:

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