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We are happy to share with you a selected list of books and documentaries available to access from the Kriti Docushop Resrouces, in solidarity with the following days of the month: 

8 International Literacy Day
21 International Peace Day
15 Shankar Guha Niyogi Martyrdom Day and Harsud Day

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Education and Literacy

Camp as an Approach for Parents’ Education (English & Hindi)
By CHETNA; published 1995
Contribution: Rs. 25/-
The first six years of life are the extremely critical foundation years for the overall and integrated development of children. The stimulation, guidance and environment provided during these years has a lasting effect on the child’s growth and development. The need and scope for parents’ involvement, methods to ensure this and information needed by them are some topics that have been neglected. This document has been developed to address this neglected concern.

Educators’ Manual
By CHETNA; published 1995 (Second edition)
Contribution: Rs. 25/-
The Educators’ Manual has been developed to assist educators in implementing the child-centred approach. It consists of several lesson plans that contain useful and practical information on health. It emphasizes the important health messages that need to be communicated to children. To reinforce the health messages, each lesson plan is followed by an activity sheet which includes games, songs and other activities that are enjoyable and stimulating for children.

Education in India: Perilous Prospects
By K.N. Panikkar; published 2004
Contribution: Rs. 25/-
The essentially ideological struggle in the terrain of education now becomes ever more intense in India. On one side are forces and ideologues of globalization, neoliberalism and communalism. On the other are champions of secularism, freedom and self-preservation. The essays in this booklet describe, depict and analyses the threats faced education India – with grave consequences or the humane future of the country.
For the last 13 years, tens of thousands of indigenous and low-caste peoples from the Kashipur region of Orissa in east India have been fighting to prevent another massive industrial disaster.  A consortium of multinational corporations, including Alcan I

Documentary Films...
Letters and Learning 
By Ajay TG (41 min, English Subtitle, DVD), 2003
Contribution: Rs.500/-
Its about an elderly Satnami who got a job in the Bhilai Steel Plant in return for giving up land, and how he prospered, enabling his daughter to become a school teacher and his granddaughter a doctor. This Jandarshan student film is not only a biography, but also a critique of attitudes to literacy and knowledge.

Free and Compulsory
By Malati Rao (52 min., Hindi; Marathi; English, DVD), 2012
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
In 2009, the Right of children to Free and Compulsory Education Act (RTE) was passed by the Indian Parliament, giving every child between the ages of 6 and 14 years, this essential privilege. The enrollment figures show a steady rise, yet, the drop-out rates also show a dismal increase. Filmed inside municipal schools in Pune, Maharashtra, through a series of classroom sessions, mid-day meals and teacher-student interactions, the Documentary reveals what goes on inside our schools. It asks whether the RTE will lead the first generation learner, the prime beneficiary of this historic Act, to stay in or out of school.

By Ganga Mukhi (30 min., English, DVD), 2007
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
Students from Kanya Vidyalaya, an all girls' school at Vajreshwari, share poignant stories of how they joined the school and their dreams for the future. Along the way, the film looks at how a segregated all-girls' space is an extension of existing social norms, enabling certain modes of becoming while seeking to restrict others.

Let Them Blossom…
By Amrita Dasgupta (27 min., English, DVD), 2012
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
The Film is a mother’s exploration of existing practices of early childhood care and education in India. What begins as a personal enquiry turns into an enriching journey across initiatives to universalize education.  Through first hand experiences, the Film touches upon the multiple aspects of preparing a child for the challenges of formal school and beyond…

A Celebration of Life
By Shukla Das (55 min., English, DVD), 2008
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
Through the experience of a cancer survivor, Harmala Gupta, the film reflects on the need for palliative care, helping the terminally ill to undergo treatment in the comfort of their homes

A community returning to the mainstream
By Sandip Ray (30 min., English, DVD), 0
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
The film traces the history of Kheria Sabars, a denotified 'criminal tribe' of Purulia, and their transformation through education.

An Island of Hope
By Pankaj Butalia (26 min., English, DVD)
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
The Chakmas are a tribal group that went to Pakistan when the Chittagong Hilly Tracts became part of what was then known as East Pakistan. In 1964, the setting up of the Kaptal Hydel Project uprooted 50,000 Chakmas from their traditional homelands. Most of them then crossed over to India where they were buffeted from one state to another because no one wanted them. They ended up living in and around Changlang, a small part of Eastern Arunachal Pradesh.  A few years ago, a small school was started in Diyun, Changlang, by a few young Chakma men.  This school suddenly transformed the local environment and led to the local communities grudgingly accepting this ‘outsider’ immigrant community.

Dreams of a 6 Figure Salary
By Sumit Khanna (74 min., English, DVD)
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
Through the stories of a few students and entrepreneurs, the Film examines the present state of higher education in India and the thrust on its privatisation. It critiques the education system, explores the avenues ahead and the gross reality in terms of opportunities that lie ahead.

Fiddlers on the Thatch
By Trisha Das (30 min., English, DVD), 2002
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
An inspirational story of the children of Gandhi Ashram School, Kalimpong and how learning western classical music has acted as a catalyst for change, opening up new horizons in their otherwise impoverished and humdrum lives.

Girls can’t wait
By Usha Albuquerque (30 min, English, DVD)
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
A thought provoking documentary that looks at the status of girls' education in India.  It explores some of the unique education initiatives currently on, in India in the context of educating the girl child for instance Mahila Samakhya project in Uttar Pradesh.

I Wonder
By Anupama Srinivasan (71 min., English, DVD)
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
What does school mean to children? What kind of learning takes place within the school and outside it? The film is an attempt to explore how the school system is impacting the lives, thoughts and dreams of children lying at the extremities of the country.

Of such times: the modern Indian women-reflections and journeys through five decades
By Vandana Kohli (32 min., English, DVD)
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
The film captures the experiences of women who have graduated from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, one of India's foremost colleges for women, from the fifties till 2001. They reflect on life, work, marriage, aspirations, fun, the times they graduated in and important socio-economic-political events that influenced them.

School solution
By Aditya Basu (26 min., English, DVD)
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
400 million people in India are said to be illiterate, most of them in rural India. However, as a new generation of rural children look to shape tomorrow’s India - in Kashmir and Chhattisgarh, they are locked in daunting crucibles of political strife. In the firing line from both sides of the conflict, government schools in these states have everything to lose; but highlighting the way forward are a few girls who show how much people value government schooling.

By Arvind Sinha (30 min., English, DVD)
Contribution: Individual Rs. 400/- Institutional Rs. 700/-
An inspirational story of a girl from a slum in Kolkata who is educating herself while earning a living and running her family.

Kya Apko Pata Hai (Do you know)
By Madhusree Datta (16 min., Hindi, DVD), 1997
For reference views only
It’s a series of short films based on legal rights of women. It is part of a legal literacy campaign undertaken by Majlis, a legal cultural centre. Each tale is a narration of women learning about the rights granted to them under their law and customs.

Fire Under The Snow
By Makoto Sasa; Imakoko Media (75 min., Tibetan; English; Italian, DVD), 2008
For reference views only
They say: Tibetans enjoy human rights, but I am living proof of how they treated us. The Venerable Palden Gyatso, a Buddhist monk since childhood, was arrested by the Chinese Communist Army in 1959. He spent 33 years in prison for the 'crime' of demostrating peacefully. He was starved and tortured. His nation and culture were destroyed, his teachers, friends and family displaced, jailed or killed under chinese occupation. Despite this he remained unbroken, and kept the flame of his spirit ablaze. Fire Under the Snow reveals the contours of an inspirational story: the survival of a soul under unthinkable duress.

UNICEF 3                                                  
1. Trusting People.. Now or Never     
2. Minimum levels of learning             
3. We Can….
By Unicef (29 min, 23 min., 28 min., Hindi, DVD), 1992; 1993; 1992
For reference views only
1. This film looks at renewal of our traditional educational systems to strengthen our elementary educational system. 2. This film criticizes our educational system where children are always at the receiving end, learning without questioning, which results in the loss of interest for learning, ultimately leading to dropouts. The film looks at creative ways to make learning an enjoyable process. 3. This film also looks at creative, low cost educational methods used to revive the interest of children in learning, with a case study of Madhya Pradesh which has one of the lowest literacy rates at 44%. 

UNICEF 17                                                           
1. Primary Education Enhancement Program                                                            
2. Joyful learning 1                                           
3. Joyful Learning 2                                             
4. DPEP Spot 6
By Unicef (12 min., 28 min., 26 min., 120 min., English, DVD)
For reference views only
1. Chandrapur Maharashtra (PEEP) 2. (Aus Aid) Maharashtra, A.P, Karnataka.  3. (Aus Aid) Rajasthan, Bihar, Orissa

UNICEF 20                                                           
Light in the dark terrain part 1
Light in the dark terrain part 2
By Unicef (32 min, 34 min., EnglishDVD), 1998
For reference views only            
NGO’s (Pratham/ Deepalaya) efforts for setting up preparatory school in Urban cities for slum children so that they become functional literate. Later on , may  join mainstream/ government school.

Marking Peace

1000 Peace Women across the Globe
By SCALO; published 2005
Contribution: Rs. 700/-
Millions of women are engaged daily in working towards a better future. Without regard for their own safety, they are active on behalf of the community's well-being. They call for reconciliation, demand justice, and rebuild what has been destroyed. They work on the front in crisis and war regions as well as in the background all over the world. The project and book 1000 Peace Women Across the Globe have the goal to draw the world’s attention to these women and their thus far nearly invisible, but highly important work.

Women War and Peace
By Anuradha M. Chenoy; published 2004
Contribution: Rs. 50/-
We hope this booklet will help strengthen our movements for peace and gender equality. We also hope that his UN Resolution will help involve more women in peace-related decision making as also stop the brutal treatment of women and girls during conflicts.

Rebecca Reuben: Scholar, Educationist, Community Leader 1889-1957
By Nina Haeems (compiled and edited); published 2000
Contribution: Rs. 250/-
This book records her contribution in the field of education and for the upliftment of the Bene Israel, a small religious minority in India. Using such sources as government records, personal letters, memoirs, her own published and unpublished writings and illustrated with visual material, it gives to readers the picture of an exceptional woman who was an educationist and a visionary.

Accords, Peace Processes and Prospects of Civil Society: A Report of North East Regional Seminar on Accords, Peace Processes and prospects of Civil Society Peace Initiatives.
By North East Peoples’ Initiatives (NEPI); published 2007
Contribution: Rs. 100/-
This report is a recorded of the proceedings of the Seminar on Peace Processes and Peace Accords during the first General Body meeting of NEPI. Several organizations and individuals have been associated with the organizing of the Seminar and preparation of this report.

Documentary Films...
Red Ant Dream: A life of revolutionary possibility in India
By Sanjay Kak (119 min., English; Oriya; Hindi; Punjabi (English Subtitles) DVD), 2013
Contribution: Rs. 400/-
This film chronicles stories of resistance from Bastar, Odisha, Punjab...and speaks about the life of revolutionary possibility in India. 'Let us declare that the state of war does exist and shall exist', the revolutionary patriot had said almost a hundred years ago, and that forewarning travels into India's present, as armed insurrection simmers in Bastar, in the troubled heart of central India. But to the east too, beleaguered adivasis from the mineral-rich hills of Odisha come forth bearing their axes, and their songs. And in the north the swelling protests by Punjabi peasants sees hope coagulate-once more-around that iconic figure of Bhagat Singh, revolutionary martyr of the anti-colonial struggle. But are revolutions even possible anymore? Or have those dreams been ground down into our nightmares? This is a chronicle of those who live the revolutionary ideal in India, a rare encounter with the invisible domain of those whose everyday is a fight for another ideal of the world.

1000 Women and a Dream
By Gabriela Neuhaus, Angelo Scudeletti (55 min., German; Arabic; English, DVD), 2005
Contribution: Rs. 500/-
It is an elaborate account of civil war that occurred in Burundi. A woman called MAGGI has made tremendous efforts to revive the normal course of life there and has also set up schools to spread education. Maggi has also received many accolades and prizes for her heroic deeds.

Redefining Peace: Women lead the way (English and Hindi)
By K.P. Sasi (60 min., English & Hindi subtitles, DVD) 2005
Contribution: Rs. 250/-
This one hour documentary showcases the history of the 1000 Women for Nobel Peace Prize 2005 initiative and profiles ten peace women from different regions of India, connected to various people’s movements namely Magline Peter from the Fish workers movement, Medha Patkar from Narmada Bachao Andolan, Teesta Setalvad, lawyer-journalist and her struggle against the fascist state and fundamentalist political forces. The documentary features C.K. Janu who is struggling for rights of indigenous people and adivasis, Sharmila Irom, a young woman who is using non-violent mechanism to challenge and demand repeal of draconian laws in North East India. The film highlights the work of four grassroots women Lataben Sachde, Parmeben Sava, Alkaben Jani, Meghiben Samariya from Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, Gujarat and their struggle for sustainable health, education and livelihoods for masses.

War and Peace (Jang Aur Aman)
By Anand Patwardhan (3 hours, English and Hindi, CD), 2002
Contribution: Rs. 250/-
Filmed over three years this is a journey of peace activism in the face of religious fanaticism, militarism and war.

Elusive Doves: Peace Processes in North-East India
By Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact Foundation (AIPP) (12 min., English, DVD), 2007
Contribution: Rs. 250/-
This is a film about the peace process. Presented during the 6th session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Peace One Day
By Peace One Day Limited (120 min., English, DVD), 2004
For reference views only            
PEACE ONE DAY is the story of one man's attempts to persuade the global community via the United Nations to officially sanction a global ceasefire day, a day of non-violence: a day of Peace.

The Marching Peacemakers
By Syed Khalid Jamal; Sangat & PWAG (35 min., Hindi, DVD)
For reference views only            
This is a journey of nine women who motivate, inspire and re-define Peace with their sheer guts, work and dedication, in the Northern Indian State, Uttar Pradesh. This film maps the journey which goes through some of the poorest districts via narrow lanes and open fields in dark villages, experiencing the light of the work done by these women.

Women in Black
By Nick Higgins (24 min. 10secs, English, DVD), 2004
For reference views only            
This Scotland documentary on women's peace movement.

Women for Justice.  Peace and Harmony…March 2004
By Anhad; Jagori; Sangat (44 min. & 9 min., Hindi; Urdu, CD), 2004
For reference views only            
A music concert held by women artists for peace and harmony. Pakistani women artists campaigned against the injustice of the 'Hudood ordinance laws' passed in the 1980s. They perform the skit during the 'Women for justice, peace and harmony'.

Women Resist the Occupation
By Claudius and Indy media Israel (20 min., English, DVD)
For reference views only            
The Coalition of Women for Peace has become one of the leading voices in Israel advocating for a just and viable peace between Israel and Palestine.   This film documents some of the bold and creative actions of the movement since its founding in November 2000.

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